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I filmed this Video a few weeks ago of my truck. It burns something(gas/oil?) on startup. This only happens on cold starts, and I think is more pronounced when it’s cold outside. Doesn’t appear to happen during normal driving. Oil level doesn’t appear to be decreasing, so I think it may be running rich.

Haven’t pulled any codes to see if something is stored, but no CEL or any other lights are present.


Went to the dealer twice right before video(once for an oil change), so if something catastrophic is wrong I hope they would’ve noticed it. Also 49k miles so unlikely to be bad rings.

I suspect out of spec 02 senor might be causing this. I’ve heard Tacomas run closed loop on startup so this may just be normal operation.


Any advice/suggestions? Any other taco owners out there also have this problem?

Video may or may not work as I had to upload to Google Drive since no Kinja video function exists. Let me know if there is a better way to do this.

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