Oppo want to help me make an even worse decision?

So I have the Saabaru deal that is going on and now that is at risk of falling apart. I plan to take it if I can get it for under $7k. But if the seller is not on board with that, then I will be walking. However, I am left with a predicament in that scenario. I was already flying to California but I had moved my flight for free from LA to SF. However, if the deal goes south I still need to get to LA that night. I have looked at moving my flight back ($200), another flight to LA ($160), one way rental car ($125 plus gas), or a Greyhound bus ($40 plus costs to get to the bus).

Another thought I had was that I have $8600 burning a hole in my pocket, a need for a fun car, and I have the afternoon in San Fran to figure it out. Could always go the one way rental car route and then use that to go check out cars. It would make the trip not a TOTAL loss. So, anyone please send me options for manual cars in the SF bay area that would be fun for $8600 and be less of a bad idea than a Saabaru with bad head gaskets. Its gonna be my daily and road trip car and just needs to be more practical than my Miata. Beyond that, I am open to options!

Clearly I like bad ideas:


Probably even DUMBER:

Whats the worst that can happen?


Humor me Oppo, I want to seriously consider this course of action. Obviously im like 75% sure id rather just wait and patiently find what I want in LA. But I would rather at least shop around for fun.

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