I was thinking about this today because my local college alternative station was playing Serge Gainsbourg’s “Requiem pour un con” and I realized how luckily I was to live in a place where I can drive in my car and listen to a song with French lyrics that translate to:

“I composed it just for you

In your sordid memory

It’s a pretty theme

Don’t you see?

The ressemblance to yourself?

Poor cunt”

Being somewhat obsessive, my presets are by frequency.

1. 88.5 WXPN (aforementioned college station)

2. 90.1 WRTI (college jazz and classical station)

3. 91.1 WHYY (NPR station, shut up)

4. 98.1 WOGL (classic station with interminable DJs)

5. 102.9 WMGK (harder classic station with equally interminable DJs)

6-9 repeats of the first three.

AM 1-9 KYW 1060 (local news headlines, traffic, and weather)

I have no other AM presets, because AM radio is terrible.


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