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Oppo, we need to start an automotive pyramid scheme!

So I was thinking, you know how pyramid schemes always promise you can make so much money you’ll be able to get rich selling snake oil on FaceBook? Well the people who start the pyramid scheme probably actually do get that rich that easily!

We have the perfect opportunity to do so! FP has been rapidly growing, so we come up with a line of bs automotive products. Then we get one of the FP authors to get in on the sha-bang and write a glowing article about it then we market the hell out of it on Kinja deals! 90% of the stuff on Kinja deals is random crap that has nothing to do with cars, so when we plaster our adds for light weight windshield washer fluid all over FP we’ll make a killing!


Edit: Not to mention we already have marketing gurus like Wobbles The Mind among us. I’m sure we have some accountants, or whatever, who can make sure this plot is successful!

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