Welcome to week 5 of the Oppo Weekly Photochop Challenge.

Week 4's winner was Knows About Cars, securing him a spot in a new competition that will happen in the first week of January 2015, the Oppo Photochop Winner's Cup.

Winners from each week from the first week until the last week of 2014 (and the first 3 days of 2015) will be eligible. Kinda like the Sprint Cup All-Star Race, win and you're in.

That means there are currently 4 eligible for the Winner's Cup, as we've had 4 different winners in 4 weeks.


Week 1 - Makara

Week 2 - Stapleface

Week 3 - Vince-The Roadside Mechanic

Week 4 - KnowsAboutCars

Now, to this week's challenge. KnowsAboutCars picked a good one for this week, one that I'm sure you guys are gonna have a lot of fun with...


...the Toyota Prius.

So, as with last week, the entry period begins now and ends Thursday at Midnight EST. Voting will begin Friday at 10am EST (if I can get it up in time) and end Saturday at 2pm EST, where a winner will be crowned, and earn themselves a spot in the Winner's Cup, if they haven't already.


Good luck to all competitors.