And once again, I'm late with the voting page for this week's Oppo Weekly Photochop Challenge.

Regardless, it's time to vote to see who wins this week and gets themselves eligible for January's Winner's Cup.

Currently, there have been 4 winners in 4 weeks: Makara, Stapleface, Vince-The Roadside Mechanic, and KnowsAboutCars

Anyway, on to this week's challenge.

Competitors were tasked with taking this Toyota Prius and turning it into a unique creation.


Here's the entries for this week:

(Disclaimer: If the entry doesn't already have a name for it, I've come up with a suitable one)


Denver (aka Mini Travis)'s Pizza Planet Prius Truck

KnowsAboutCars' California Charger


mustangzrx8's Bro Prius

Vince-The Roadside Mechanic's Stereotypical Prius


Scoob's Prius Donk

jkm7680's 'It's much easier to just set fire to it' (not sure if it's a serious entry or not, but I'll allow it because I know a lot of you will agree)


chaozbandit's Track Attack Prius


Lesabrelyfe's Toyobaru Prius

Chris' Prius Australia Edition


Makara's Back to the Hybrid Prius Time Machine

10 entries going for the top 5, with 3 of the competition's previous winners entered.

I've got the feeling this is gonna be some close competition.

Good luck!