Oppo-ween Help

OK Oppos, I need some serious assistance here regarding an epic Halloween setup.

My group of insane co-workers has decided to re-create a low-rent used car lot as our theme for our company's Halloween costume contest. By default, I was chosen to be the sleazy used car salesman and the rest of the team will be (top secret).

As we were thinking about the props to use (horrible chairs, decrepit coffee maker, triangle flags, etc), I started to wonder if we could somehow bring in an ACTUAL CAR into our cube farm! Our workspace is on the first floor very close to the double-door front entrance and located near a space wide enough to wheel a compact/sub-compact car, such as a Geo Metro or Nissan Versa into place.


Unfortunately, I don't have an army of mechanics to take it apart and put it together inside like the Aventador stunt from a few years ago.

My first thought is to call a junkyard to see if there are any rollers they'd part with for next to nothing. Or scan CL for a real beater for practically free.

Yes, I am totally insane for suggesting this but this would put our team in the Halloween Hall of Fame, that is, if there was one...

Enlighten me Oppos. Is this idea completely impossible or feasible?

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