This is more specifically intended for DIYers like me who are competent working on cars they’re familiar with, but aren’t necessarily on unfamiliar models. (Yes I know even pros have makes and models they’re incompetent to work on, but you get my drift?)

Not really sure how to word this into a proper question (More specific and concise example below) But how do you approach the general dilemma of; your friend needs some serious work done on their car. You’ve performed that job on your car and you’ve researched it and are reasonably confident you can do it on theirs. But there’s always the overshadowing uncertainty of A) Running into problems and not being able to complete it in a reasonable time. A risk I’m willing to take with my own car, but less inclined to with someone else’s. B) The possibility of “doing” the job, but messing up something else in the process. C) Not getting the job done at all.

You might say “Well then don’t do it!” But then you’re kind of fucking your buddy with a massive repair bill and there’s a small chance they’ll think you’re just being a selfish lazy prick.


Here’s a more concrete example. The first time I replaced a CV axle it took me 3 days because it just wouldn’t go in all the way and my work schedule got in the way as well. Since then I’ve been able to do it much more expediently, but I wouldn’t do it on someone else’s car since I don’t want to run into that problem on their time.

So what does Oppo think?

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