A few of my friends and I are thinking about buying this land yacht. 1973 Winnebago with a 454 engine. The guys asking 700. We're planning to gut it out and clean it out, and redo the interior with carpet, recaros, and sofas, and home theater in the back. What do you think?

Only slightly obscured seat.

There was a screen for the screen door.


"bear!!!" -Wildred

This was a cabinet. There is a box of wood screws.


Taking that out for sure, sealing the hole, and taking out the bladder underneath.

There was a used condom. Everything will probably be ripped out and redone. And Ammco 300 dollar paint job will be on the list of things.


(Note we are 17, going to put this under non op, and going to place it in a backyard)