Oppo, what is making a noise on my car?

EDIT - An addition - had my brother walk beside the car as I drove it slowly tonight, he says it’s coming from the front wheels he thinks (particularly the front-right. We were by a fence as well, so it echoed back into the car for me to hear a bit more clearly....sounds more like a light metal scraping actually....? Brake dust cover maybe? I don’t think it’s a bearing as I had heard a different sound up there awhile back and had the shop check the bearings and he said the wheel bearings were fine unless one is going now?

Started last week, noticed while driving with the windows open (as usual). It’s a rattling (not ‘vibrate’ rattling, but ‘rock stuck inside a hubcap’ rattling) that is speed sensitive. I don’t hear it at all at high speeds...which may be because it’s too quiet to hear when at those speeds, not sure. Definitely hear it at low speeds though.


I can’t tell where it is coming from. The car seems to drive perfectly fine. It seems like it is coming from a wheel? It can’t be something stuck in a hubcap as I have no hubcaps (alloys). The only things I can think of are that I have a slow leak (i.e. refill once a week) on a rear wheel, so maybe a screw or nail got pushed right through the tire and is rattling around inside? The other thing I thought of is that I have rear drum brakes and maybe something came loose inside those? Brakes don’t feel any different though? Can’t be that something got in a CV joint boot as I’m not hearing the usual click/grinding from those when turning as the grease would’ve been let out if something got in... gearbox seems fine?

I am overdue for an oil change and service so I’ll get them to check it when I take it in, but any idea fellow Oppos?

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