I was checking the oil level in ze Mini when 1 side of the dipstick had this whitish stuff on it.

Is this just condensation? My daily drive is just 5 minutes during which the engine doesn’t come up to temp.

I’m also loosing a little bit of coolant (I need to refill 1/3rd tank every 5000 miles). According to a shop, either my water pump is on its way out or I have a cracked head. If the head is cracked, I will have coolant in the oil pan. Is this coolant?


I drove around for 45 minutes. Parked the car and pulled the dipstick to see this:


So, it is less than it was before but its still there. I cleaned the dipstick and put it back and pulled it out again; this time no white stuff. I checked the dipstick again after about 10 15 minutes and again, no white stuff.

So, did I not clean the dipstick properly before I went out for a drive? Although if the stuff was water it wouldn’t have mattered anyways, right? Also, the first time I checked the oil (when I initially wrote the post), I checked the oil 5 minutes after I had parked.


Any ideas? I’m confused.