Front runner is this:

Which should help my dream of having a G-body that handles. In addition to this, ill get new delrin body mounts and steering components. (idler arm, pitman arm, tie rods, and center link)

Option 2 is that I could start amassing the parts needed for an LS swap, the car runs and drive now, but the engine is starting to get tired and i really want fuel injection. (edit: the LS swap is all about power and throttle response, I don’t think that the current engine is going to fail any time soon)

Option 3 is a set of these:

Year One N90 17x8's


Wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE71r’s of course.

Option 4 would be a Livernois Performance Tuner for the SHO

What do you think I should spend it on? (besides hookers and blow)