Obvious answer for car community is OppositeLock, but some of us are members of a model specific community for various resources and information.

I ask because I’ve been struggling with being involved in the Camaro community. Some nice people but car enthusiasts they are not. I’ve seen some of the most awful questions/answers pertaining to cars ever since I took a voyage on the SS Camaro (heh heh) in January.


Before that I was very active in the ST community. They were smart and appreciative of all cars, making for some great, friendly conversations. Purists who just love driving. Of course each community has its troll, or someone who just can’t live with the fact that there were other cars better than their own but the positive members far outweighed the negative ones.

I’m also going to throw the 350Z Nismo community out there. I have a friend who’s an owner of one and has said the people in his online community are some of the nicest/helpful people out there. He’s also a member of a general 350Z group which is basically a dumpster fire.

So tell me your favorite.

Example of something that made me facepalm: