Decades ago, station wagons ruled the roads as family cars. Then they became uncool, and families bought minivans. Then those became uncool, and people bought SUVs. Then, those went out as well, and people flocked to a new type of car that combined all 3: the crossover. Now, it's easy to point out cool wagons and SUVs, and as we saw today, even cool minivans. But what's the coolest crossover? Keep in mind, crossovers are trying so hard to give people the pluses of a minivan, the driving dynamics of a wagon, and the rugged looks of an SUV that it's hard to call many of them cool. Bloated maybe, but not cool. So are there any cool ones? These can be traditional modern crossovers like the Chrysler Pacifica, which I think kickstarted the crossover craze, or examples of past cars that you think count (Ex: The AMC Eagle 4x4 Wagon, which has now been said). There have to be some out there, right?