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Oppo, what's your car buying/selling history?

Just sold off my sister’s Acura, which got me thinking of all the cars I’ve bought and sold. So far, I sold every one of my family’s cars that I grew up with.

2003 Acura TL-S we had owned for ~10 yrs, sold for $1500

Mom’s 2004 VW Bug, owned since new, sold for $2300

Family 2000 Ford Expedition that my dad and I had supercharged (I miss that thing), sold for $2500


Sold my grandma’s first gen Prius (2002?) That had like, 70k miles on it. Sold for $7000.

Lemons project car, 350 swapped 84 r 7, never really ran, forget what we sold it for. Sold engine separate.


1974 Chevy C10, bought for $2200, sold for $5500, loved that thing, just couldn’t justify keeping it when moving up to the Bay Area.

1984 MB 300d, current car, bought for $1700, over $5k into it.

Interesting thought, the ignoring the Prius, the loudest and second loudest cars I’ve had sold for the most money. My mom always scoffed at “paying money to make the car louder!” But hey, there’s some correlation there!


Anyways, what’s your history Oppo? Any interesting trends?

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