Oppo, What's Your Wallpaper?

Every once in a while I like to pop this question to our Oppo community. I think it’s a fun way to see each others’ tastes in art and maybe get some fresh images for our own devices. Plus, we’re always getting new members! Oppo, what’s your current wallpaper?

Mine are always changing. Right now, I’m really fangirling over my favourite YouTuber that isn’t my boyfriend, Mustard!

As such, I started rotating through thumbnails of his videos on my gaming PC and my FSX rig.


The Windows tablet has it too:

My latest project PC has this high contrast theme going on:


My iPhone Lockscreen is my favourite photo of Mister GMC and myself (same pic as my Kinja profile pic). Meanwhile, the Home screen is a pic of my two latest custom PC projects.


And on my MP3/Modded Spotify/Modded Pandora/ASMR side phone, both screens are from my trip to pick up my fourth smartie.


Show me your pics! :)

Also, lately all of my pics have been posting blurry-looking. They’re high res when I add them to a post and I’m still writing, but after I hit publish they automatically take a huge hit in quality. What the????

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