Just like anyone else with a S30 Datsun who wants fender flares. I'm having a hard time. First and foremost I was forced to buy bassett racing steelies to get the offset and size I want . Now I understand that cheap wheels don't come in good sizes but I'm looking for a set of 4 for less than 1000 bucks without tires and have had ZERO luck. Atara Racing makes a few but they all cost over 1300 bucks for the size I'd like to have.

Bolt Pattern : 4x114.3

15 or 16 x 10- 11 with a negative offset. I've already made this offer to one other but if a fellow oppo finds me some wheels that are below the 1000 dollar mark in a compatible offset and size I'll send you 50 bucks !

I'm also now in the market for tires. These tires need to be below 150 a piece and come in a nice fat size that will fit on my car. I'm looking for anything comparable to a 225/50/15 that's a tad bigger without making the sidewall massive. 255/45/15 ? 265/45/15 ? I don't think they exist but again 50 bucks to the guy who finds the perfect set of tires.


dare I say 295/40/15 ?