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Front page did a Countersteer on winter driving tips. The majority of the submissions were obvious- stuff like “pack cold weather supplies” “have winter tires” and “know how to drive in the winter.” So, Oppo, what is your winter driving routine? Any non-standard advice?

For me (keep in mind I’m 22 and I’ve only done 7 winters, all of which have been in the snow belt), the biggest difference between winter and non-winter driving is giving myself extra time and going slower. A remarkable number of people did not say to do this. I also question the necessity of snow tires. We (at least when I lived in the Akron, Ohio area) would regularly have in excess of three inches on the ground. My street would rarely get plowed less than two days after a snowfall. As long as I slowed down before a turn, I wouldn’t lose traction. I’d venture that 90% of the country lives in more favorable winter conditions. That said, I do frequently play around with loss of traction. In fact, this being my first summer with my Golf, I’m looking forward to the first snow. So, my tips as far as winter driving would be the following:

1. Don’t drive while it snows unless you absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, need to. If you’re going to, slow down to about half as fast as you would were it not snowing.


2. Know how to drive with limited traction. Practice steering into the skid so you know how to follow a curve when there’s no traction on your rear wheels (having a manual handbrake helps for this).

3. Fuck everything else, snow tires included. They’re a scam unless you live where they don’t plow and you absolutely have to drive in the snow.

So, how do you winter drive?

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