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Oppo: WWYR

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So as you may or may not be aware, several months ago I decided to replace my aging “cheap” S63 for a newer, more sportier, CL63 AMG. My CL is and has been my favorite car that I have owned. There are only 2 cars that I have ever driven that I hold above the CL, being the 997.2 Turbo S and the car pictured above (well not that exact one but an AMG GT S).


When I bought the CL it was intended to be my Daily Driver, and it was for about a month and a half, until I got a promotion which provided me with a company car.

Since then the CL just kinda sits and waits for occasional weekend use.

Now my thought it, as much as I love my CL, if I had known I would not need a DD (that I have to pay for at least) back when I bought the CL, I likely would have opted for a 997 Turbo or a low equipped GT S.


With all the recent AMG GT models coming out, GT S prices have dropped significantly on the used market.

So I could, theoretically, sell the CL and buy a GT S and have a perfect weekend car.


But, on the flip side, I could have the CL paid off in about 2 years time, and by then, again in theory, GT S prices will have fallen even further, and then I can buy a GT S and have my CL...


WWYR given the situation.

1) Have the GT S now with no other toys (except for the other toys I have now)


2) Have the CL now, which is still an awesome freaking car, and wait it out for a few years to get a GT S and then have both.

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