Unlike KingTChalla, I’m not gonna focus on views, but on what I thought were the least shitty posts I made since January according to my own standards and on which posts ya’ll made that really made me look twice

Porsche 993

I loved this car and it was such a darling to photograph

Harley Davidson

I really liked a lot about this bike


BMW 320d

I think it’s the best review I wrote


Prius C

It’s probably the most profesional review I wrote


Kia Stinger nine months in

The one with the most views (OK I caved)


My favourite post (non car)

My favourite posts by oppos

It’s not from this year, but it’s still the post I keep going back to.


Daft’s obsessiveness in writting is always noted; he’s a great storyteller!

Also a great review of a great car


Everything to do with this trip was also interesting to read

My favourite Oppo cars;

For Michigan’s 1er


i86's Renegade

And, for comic relief, BM2's F150; he has not given up on trying to make me like trucks.


I’ve been writing in this blog for little over a year and it has been a great way to learn about car culture, life, the US, and express myself too. I am very greatful for the space that has been given to me, and all the users that make this platform special.