Inspired by TAE, thus apparently indirectly by King TChalla, here’s my look back.

It’s perhaps hard to believe I only joined in July; I know I’ve been pretty damned noisy here. Twitter used to be where I would compensate for the fact that I almost never have anyone to actually talk out loud too, but after the 2016 election I got too depressed by the news to continue hanging out there, and while I begrudgingly joined Facebook in 2017, I’ve never been happy about it.

So Oppositelock has become my platform for wasting my time and yours too. Sorry not sorry.

220ish posts later, my assessment: I started out with a bang, and it’s been all downhill from there.

My postest with the mostest (views, comments, and personal attachment) was my first here on Oppo: part 1 of my Jeep Experience series.


3000 views, 59 comments! This is easy, I thought. All I have to do is spend a few hours at the keyboard and the world will beat a path to my doorstep.

The naïveté of callow youth.

The last 3 parts of that series combined got roughly the same number of comments and well under 1000 views. Nonetheless, they remain my favorite posts.


My only post to break 3 digit comments was the open question: what would your million-mile vehicle be?

That seems to be the trick to user engagement here: don’t spend hours researching obscure facts about Jeep history. Just ask a car-relevant question. Huh.


Before I learned that, however, my other long form content, which was quite the slog, was my series on the Jeep trucks of yore.


Each post received between 1000 and 2000 views, which is definitely respectable, but only because I pimped them heavily during the Gladiator reveal and subsequent FP posts. I’m not too proud to toot my own horn; gotta get those worthless Internet karma points somehow.

Astonishingly my informal series documenting my ongoing quest to end the plague of burnt-out brake lights hasn’t achieved the same level of engagement. Odd that.


Anyway, thank you for letting me join the club, and while I make no promises, I hope to generate some more long form content in 2019. I suspect I’ll write a post about the various Jeep military trucks to wrap up that series, and I have a few drafts for the Jeep Experience that may or may not ever see the light of day.