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I have my gramps boat, which I can use at anytime. The issue is taking it to the lake nearby, as I have no way to properly take it down there. So I was thinking of building a makeshift trailer.

Since my car had no hitch, I was thinking the golf cart would be a good idea to haul it with. Them the other day I re-noticed this mower attachment seeder in my backyard (pic below). No idea if it works, nor do I think I’d even use it. But it has a hitch to connect to, and the wheels that can spin independently of each other (which is what I wanted). I just need to get a longer rod for the axle.


I’m was thinking that the trailer should be made out of wood, with a boxy shape to fit the boat. The left and right side with have two vertical prongs to keep the boat from falling off, the front with have one prong, and the back will have either a foldable or detachable prong so I can easily remove the boat. That’s all I have so far, haven’t thought of the rest yet.

How about it oppo, do you think it’s feasible to make a trailer out of the seeder and some 2x4’s? Should I be aware of something? Better idea? I’d love to hear it. My end game is a way to easily transport the boat to and from water.

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