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Oppo - Your Thoughts Please

I need help. I am really, really thinking of getting rid of my Fiesta ST these days. I just commute, and commute and commute. Gas is $6.85CAD a gallon ($5.23USD) running 94 octane and I’m getting 21mpg in my ST right now. Also, it’s bumpy, loud, has 95,000kms and Myfordtouch.

I am thinking a CPO vehicle, probably a Mazda because they are nice, I get an owners incentive and a discount due to my SCCBC membership.

Which of the following would you go for:

A soul red fully loaded 2016 Mazda6 GT (Automatic) with 15000km for $25K or a black fully loaded 2016 Mazda3 Sport GT (Manual) with 14600 at $23K.


Say they are equal due to the better fuel economy of the Mazda6 (the Mazda3 has the 2.5L). Do you take the bigger sedan with the auto, but way nicer interior or the hatchback with more guts and a 6MT?

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