Oppoadvice - Brakes

These are the breaks?

My wife’s Forester has just hit the 36k mile mark. Out of warranty and we’ve used up the prepaid maintenance. I’m of the feeling that the car needs a brake refresh, and a feeling is really all I need for the vehicle that my wife and child spend the most time in.

Besides 36k is about right, right? My wife is a great driver, but uses the brakes as most people do. I on the other hand will do anything except crash to avoid using my brakes.


By a refresh I mean pads, rotors, and a flush. I’ve done brakes plenty of times before and recently conquered my fear of bleeding the brakes. However, I have only ever used OEM equipment or it’s been an upgrade where everything gets replaced.

My friend suggested this kit from Summit. Anyone have any experience with the brand? Good or should I go OEM? If so, where do you Subaru heads go for oem parts? It’s so easy for the Germans.

Also, opinions on stainless steel lines. I know I’ll like them, but I’m worried that my wife will think they’re too touchy.

Happy Friday! I have had a real trash work week because people are just so fucking rude. Everything else is peachy so I’m not going to complain any further.



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