(a miata with a chalk hood i tagged at cars and coffee great falls this weekend)

Taking a leap soon. At the end of this year I will ask my girlfriend to marry me. I will be buying a ring, proposing and moving in with her. So we were talking about our living situation last night. Seems like we should buy a house as opposed to paying rent and trying to save, pay down debt, and move out. Seems like those all conflict with each other. What!? I'm 26. One does not simply walk into Centreville(hometown) and buy a home. We are both feeling very overwhelmed right now. Anyone have any advice about being young in this situation if you could have done it over again? Pro tips. Etc. Combined we have 75K in debt(school loans, car loans, credit cards etc.)

Also I'm going to tell my parents this week. Sooooo that'll be a whole nother can of worms. I am the baby in the family sooooit'll be interesting. At which point I will probably get a whole lot more talking to/advice.