I’m thinking about upgrading camera bodies from an APS-C (t5i) to full frame. I’ve always been a Canon shooter but they’ve taken so long to come out with the 6D Mark II that part of me just says “screw it”, get a D750. Does anyone have experience making a Canon to Nikon switch?

My actual gear is all over the place. In addition the T5i and batteries, I have batteries and chargers for a 6D and a strange assortment of lenses: 35mm Super Takumar, Nikon 50mm AI, Canon EF 85mm 1.8, and some other random zooms/primes/reflex lenses.


I’m kind of a purist and prefer manual focus, taking a few seconds to compose shots, and playing a bit with light.

A Scottish B-road for your time. Taken on a 6D. If you look close, you can see what appears to be lighter pavement at the crest in the road. That’s actually a wall of rain rushing towards me.

Illustration for article titled Oppocamera

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