... in the IKEA parking lot earlier today.

Illustration for article titled Oppocrash update: My new-old Purple 2008 Fit...

I wanted to get a nice daytime picture to highlight the colour better. However it’s snowing here. So that will have to wait for another time.

So this car sets a record for me... highest model year owned. Prior to this, the highest model year car I owned was a 2007 Focus Wagon.


The only surprise I’ve found in the 50km/2 days I’ve driven this car so far... the trunk latch sticks and needs to be lubed.

Everything seems to work. And I’m really enjoying the silky smoothness of the engine. And while it’s onky 109HP, it has enough power given this thing only weighs around 2400 pounds.


And it has ABS too! I haven’t had a car with ABS since I had the Saab 9-3, which I got rid of 6 years ago. And I have power windows, power locks and *working* A/C.

Such luxury!

And I’ve determined my Fit is a Sport model given the wheel size, body cladding and other features. However, it is missing the aluminum wheels the sport typically has. Previous owner must have sold them and kept the steelies that have winter tires on them right now.

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