Update... First the good news.. I bought a car!

I went with the dark purple 2008 Honda Fit with ziptied wheelcovers:

It may not look dark purple in the picture, but it is. My first purple car!

Some of you mentioned that it looked a little sketch. But aside from the zipties holding the cheap plastic wheel covers, the car looked and felt solid. Drove it all over and took it on the highway. No strange noises, clunks, vibrations or anything like that. Just needs a new windshield which has a crack in it that will cause it to fail the safety.


$4400 including the 13% tax and safety (which includes a new windshield).

I was biased toward getting this 2009 Vibe:


But when I drove it, there was vibration from the winter tires installed on the car, some odd clicking sounds when turning right under certain conditions, the TPM light was on and the engine made some odd sounds under load. It had also been in a front collision... though it looked like it was properly repaired. It was also a car that spent some time in Quebec before coming back to Ontario. That is a minor red flag in itself. It just didn’t feel as good as a car of that age and mileage should.

I also tested a couple of Matrixes that were a bit older and cheaper and they all seemed to have issues.


Note that I’ve driven new/nearly new Vibes/Matrixes... so I know how they’re *supposed* to feel. Maybe it was just bad luck, but the Vibes/Matrixes I tested just felt like something was ‘off’ with them.

When I test drove the Fit, it felt ‘right’.

Now for the bad news:


The ‘CEXY’ rental had to be towed.

After buying the Fit, I drove home.

On the way home, I approached an intersection just as it turned red. So I knew I’d be waiting for a bit. So I put it in neutral and turned off the engine to save a bit of fuel. As it was about to turn green, I start the engine, got ready to put it in drive... and it would’t shift out of neutral.


Tried all kinds of things including pulling the emergency release... no joy.

I called FCA’s roadside assistance... they didn’t know what to do.

Got it towed to the local FCA dealer on the advice of FCA roadside assistance... though I probably should have gotten it towed to the rental place which isn’t far from the dealer.


Bloody pain in the ass this minor streak of bad automotive luck I’m having.

But they say these things happen in threes. So this was the third ‘bad’ thing that happened. The first being the catastrophic breakdown of the Focus Wagon, the second being the U-turn which led to the collision which led to the Aerio getting written off and now this.


I figure I should now be primed for a streak of good automotive luck.

EDIT/UPDATE: The colour of my Fit is formally called “Blackberry Pearl”... even though it looks purple to me: