Yep... that’s my car there. And no, that’s not how it was parked when I went into the restaurant. I’m a good parker, but not THAT good.

Some time during dinner, an older lady in a 2015 Nissan Rogue did this...

Yep... she crashed into the Dodge Charger hard enough to push it ahead 1 meter and right into my car. And my car was pushed into the car in front of me.

The police estimated she crashed into the Dodge Charger at about 60km/h.

She had to go to the hospital, but I heard that she’s gonna be okay. She only has stuff like bruises and maybe a cracked rib or two that happens when an airbag goes off on a lady in her 60s.


Apparently she “didn’t see” the line of parked cars. In my opinion, at the very least, she needs to get her eyes checked.

The Charger is probably gonna be a write off... feel sorry for the guy (who was also in the same restaurant).


On the bright side, my car is still drivable and though the rear hatch door is dented, it still opens and closes properly.

Reported it to my insurance this morning, gave them the police report and pictures. Then went to one of the insurance-approved auto collision places.


Have an appointment for later this month with them where they take my car, give me a free rental and then determine whether my car will be fixed or written off.

It’ll suck if it gets written off.

Though it won’t suck too badly since I have full coverage. And since it I’m not at fault, there won’t be any deductible either.


The main issue with it getting written off is that it’s not that easy to find wagons with manual transmissions that are cheap, in decent condition and not far away.

UPDATE... My cat believes this is nothing worth losing sleep over