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Oppoflopping: 83 Million Points!

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We hit 83 million points today! Somehow Eury managed a 2 million point day seriously widening the gap between him and myself while JKMarstetter had a million and half point day taking 3rd putting him within spitting distance of me.


You guys are seriously killing it around these parts - we now have 22 members with more than a million points and we’re in the top 0.5% of all Folding@Home teams! Rusty told me he thought we might be able to break into the top 100 teams and I didn’t think we could pull it off - but barely 1 week into this and we’ve put down more work than 99.5% of the teams in existence. If we keep this up we just might make his dream of top 100 teams possible!

Keep up the good work everybody!

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