So I spent this evening figuring out why my fridge had a working freezer, but not a working fridge.

When I took off the panel inside the back of the freezer, it looked something like this:

Illustration for article titled OppoFridge...

And the passage that was supposed to allow some freezer air into the fridge part was clogged with ice.

And why was it, as well as the coil, clogged with ice? Because a drain below the coil got clogged up, which meant the defrost cycle wouldn’t work right. So I cleaned it all up and used a hairdryer to melt it all off.


Also pulled the fridge forward and cleaned the external coil.

After 1-2 hours of cleaning/defrosting coils and other stuff, it appears my fridge is back to working as it should... but we will see for how long...


First time I’ve done this in 11 years. I suppose I should do it more often than that.

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