As some people noticed, there was activity on the Oppo Instagram for the first time in several years (somewhere between three-and-a-half and 84 years, depending on the comment). I’m working on bringing back Oppogram as a place to share cool photos of Oppo news, events, and activity. Some of you may remember filter Friday, where we would post submitted Oppo photos on Fridays. I intend to bring this back, but on Mondays. Why Mondays? Because that’s when people are transitioning from their weekends of fun car activities back into the slog of the work week and those photos help that high last just a little bit longer. Also I work an odd schedule and have Mondays off. Just go with me here. I’ll also be occasionally putting up (and reposting) member photos throughout the week when I have the time and a rad shot in the inbox screaming to be shared.

If you’ve got a pic you want to share on Oppogram you can leave it in the comments here, DM it to @oppositelock1, or tag the Oppo account in your post (or story, I’ll share those too). Use the hashtag #opposcenes so I know you’re specifically allowing it to be shared and it’s not just a random account tagging. All photos MUST BE your own or one you have the rights/permission to share. Ain’t gonna be no unauthorized content stealing round these parts.

Also, if you have any suggestions for what I should call the Monday shares I’m open to ideas.


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