Slower than a Nissan Versa!

Less horsepower than a Kia Rio!

Able to turn heads at any car meet!

Look! Out on the road!


It’s a Lancia! It’s a kit car! What the hell is that thing? It’s a Sunchaser!

Yes, It’s a Sunchaser.


Strange Toyota from another time, who came to Oppo with cheerful yellow paint and driving fun far beyond those of modern cars.

Sunchaser, who can change the course of muscle car arguments and bend smiles into the faces of the meanest trolls.


And whose owner, ImmoralMinority, disguised as a mild-mannered labor attorney for a small law firm, fights a never ending battle for carbureated engines, manual transmissions, and the vintage Japanese car way!


I felt bad for you frozen Oppos, as it is 70 and sunny today, so I pulled the targa off in your honor. Have an orange.

Ok, this was dumb, but I had fun doing it.

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