Oppoinion: do you think this video is unsuitable to show to 16-18 year old high school juniors and seniors?

After 6 years of showing this video to my Physics and Astronomy classes when we learn about light, someone has complained that the video is inappropriate and too unrelated to Physics to be shown in class.


Of course, the complaint was registered anonymously to the district tip line (meant for reporting bullies and whatnot). They also complained that their daughter was penalized for turning in late work which is unfair since I only posted the due dates on the board and announced them each class but didn’t put the due dates on the internet.

Also, they claimed the video uses the “f word” multiple times. I didn’t catch any, but maybe they are recorded in a frequency that’s too high for me to hear with my old ears. I also apologize to all the people who watch the video and are offended (they must be clowns).

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