My neighbor, had something happen to him, which required an ambulance and the administration of narcan. Narcan is used on opiate overdoses. so when you put those two things together, you suspect heroin overdose. I admittedly cannot prove this. After that incident, word on the street was that the wife was PISSED and she was gone for a week.

The thing that has me going now, is that there are various cars coming and going from that house, maybe one every couple days. Again, this is just guessing based on uninformed observations, but it seems like he may be dealing. This isn’t something good to have in a quiet neighborhood with a bunch of kids. Its also not something I want with respect to the security of my house.

Today there was a car there before my neighbor got home. My said said they both noticed my wife looking at them. I don’t really want to confront him on this, if i’m wrong i’m an ass, which well fine. If I’m right, i’m a threat to his business and I’ve watched enough breaking Bad to know how that goes.

What would you guys do?

two Lagondas for your time