So the Viper isn't selling too well. But SRT's other products must be selling better, because they aren't slowing production of them. Their two super sedans, the 300 SRT and Charger SRT are some of the best performing, RWD, V8 sedans you can get for the price. But, which one do you pick?

There's the boy-racer Charger. With it's full-length tail lights, big rear spoiler, and obnoxious body kit, It's definitely the crazier of the two looks wise. But it's the cheaper of the too, also. With a starting MSRP of $44,385, it's not cheap by any means, but it's still cheaper.


Then there's the mafia-esque 300 SRT. There's nothing boy-racer about it, except for what sits under the hood. This thing looks good, especially in white with the black grille and wheels. But the looks come with a price. This one is the more expensive of the two at $49,900 for the premium model.

Myself, I'd pick the 300 SRT. It's the Mopar that made me question why I was a GM fan. Even the first generation was menacing, albeit poorly screwed together at best. But the second generation is definitely a well rounded, high performance highway cruiser. I gave you my pick, now what's yours?