I am helping a friend purchase a car, and we are going out tomorrow to test drive a whole gamut of vehicles in his price range based on his preferred requirements. I'd like to hear your opinions on reliability, fun, and general quality of the cars I'm thinking of, or suggest others.

The Requirements:

~$15k, 4 or 5 door, smaller in size (fiesta is too small I think), automatic, good gas mileage, decent utility, and somewhat fun to drive. My favorite part is he says, "I don't want to be bored driving it".

My thoughts are to buy used, but new is OK with him too. I plan to start at Carmax to at least test drive a multitude of vehicles so he can hone his selection down to one or two. Whether or not we buy at Carmax is no big deal, though I am a fan of the place and think it's a good idea to start there.

The current list:

2012 or 13 Civic

2012 or 2013 mazda 3

2012 or 2013 Ford Focus

2012 or 2013 Nissan Sentra (maybe SR)

2013 Dodge Dart

If he is willing, I may also suggest at least trying the Fiesta and the Sonic. What do ya'll think about each of these cars?