Oppoinions Requested

Found this i3, which I really like, at a Ford dealership:

I posted that picture earlier, then I looked into it more.

2015 i3, off-lease vehicle. Arravani Grey with the Mega Interior. The picture from the dealership is bad, but here’s the color, which I quite like. Non-metallic, which is fun.


Other than not having the Giga interior, which I’m not entirely sold on after sitting in one (and does not work with the grey, sorry, not sorry), it has every optional package available. The Tech package, driver assist package, and even the HK stereo. The wheels are odd, but eh, I could live with that.

I like the interior as a match to this exterior color:


So it has 16,000 miles on it, it went into service in July of 2016, so there are about 16 months left on the factory warranty, and the battery warranty is good to 07/2024. They checked the capacity for me, it read 17.4, which is really good. The off the floor capacity is 18.8, and the car can read with a range of +/- 2 kWh, so it’s probably nearly perfect.


I called a local BMW dealership to check the VIN, they gave me the name of the BMW dealership that serviced the car, so I called them and got a full rundown on the maintenance. Everything was done on time, everything is good. It seems like a great car, pretty much what I want (except I really like the Eucalyptus dash, but whatever) and would serve me well.

So this dealership has it priced at $17,800. NADA puts clean retail at $21,500, clean trade in at $18,500. I offered $16,800, trying to meet in the middle at $17,300, but they responded with “We price our vehicles at rock bottom prices within 300 miles, so we can’t move on it.” Which, ok, looking at cars at this dealership, they’ve had some on the lot for nearly a year and moved $1,000 down on price, so that guy is probably not lying to me about that.


Honestly, at this point, I’m quibbling with myself over $500, and I should just buy the car, right? Yeah, you’re right, Oppo. Thanks for the talk! Plus, I get to go on a road trip with my boy.

VIN: WBY1Z4C52FV278000



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