Oppo, I have the Leggy. It’s very fun, very comfortable, reasonably fast, etc. Basically, it’s a WRX that’s 200 lbs heavier and takes more work to fit more tire. But I have it. But it’s very very hard to make it into anything resembling a track ready car. Plus it has a less stout EJ257 motor. One thing is I hear about enjon failures, blown cylinders, oil consumption, cylinder 4 issues....All things that can be solved with a minor engine build. But that’s a significant cash output.

I also have the option now to trade it in on an STi. The STi is smaller, less comfortable, but more capable. This particular STi, while still having the EJ257, has been built by a reputable tuner almost top to bottom. High performance engine, big 10” rubber, the works. To the tune of about $30k in work. But because of this, the price is right for buying, as it’s a modified car. I trust the tuner (and will take the car in for a PPI from them) but it’s a less comfortable car. However, it ticks the boxes.

If I keep the LGT, I’d do some minor stuff to it to make it more fun, but it’ll never be as a STi opr even WRX level of performance without a lot of money. So I’d get it to a point, and probably buy a Miata for track fun. But I have a 2 car garage in Ohio, so there’s that. Payments would be the same, just tack on the year I’ve paid for the LGT already onto the end, no big deal. Wife may not be overly happy about it, either, since she thinks I switch cars way too much as it is. But she never drives my car (it’s my commute car, she doesn’t work, she has her own Crosstrek) and I have taken the kid in it precisely once, and only because I had just gotten it. But the LGT is nice, big, and comfy. But the STi is a beast of a car, and comes really close to replicating how I felt in my 02 Z06, which I had to sell because baby, 2 car garage, and Ohio. Ugh!

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