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UPDATED- Oppoinions: Trade offers

I’ve been trying to sell or trade the Roadmaster for a few months now. I’ve had one cash offer, which was below my “Screw it, I’ll just keep it” threshold. I’ve had a few offers for straight trades, but all for utter garbage. I now have two offers that would each require me to put an extra $500 out on top of the Roadmaster.



‘02 Wrangler, 4-cylinder, 5-speed, 191k miles.

Pros: Checks another item off the vehiclular bucket list, manual trans, 4x4 would be fun, I think this would be a easy to flip for some more cash when I’m done with it.


Cons: it has 30k more miles that the Roadmaster. It needs an exhaust manifold gasket. I looked into doing this myself. I think I can do it, but it will not be easy. Windshield is cracked, it’s a Mopar and all that entails, it’s gotta be slow as dog shit. Oh, and the rear seatbelts are MIA, so I have to track down and buy a set of those if the kiddos are going to come along with.



‘01 Cadillac DTS, V8/auto, 115k miles

Pros: I had a 2000 DeVille that I inherited from my grandma, and I loved it. 50k less miles than the Roadmaster, no rust, needs nothing.


Cons: Been there, done that. Parts are expensive if it breaks. Prices on these are all the hell over the place, so it’s really hard to tell what it should be worth and what I could get out of it when I’m ready to move on. It’s got a damn carriage top. I HATE carriage tops.

What do you all think? As much as I love the Roadmaster, the little voice in the back of my head says it’s time for it to go.



The Caddy was like 8 minutes from my house, so I went and looked at it. The right side axle is clicking like crazy, so that’s officially out.


Despite the fact that a 4-cylinder Wrangler is impossibly slow, I am still considering that trade. I think I could fix that and flip in in the spring for a decent profit. I can also use it to teach my wife how to drive a stick (she wants to learn). I’m waiting to hear back from that guy. He actually wants $800 on top of the Roadmaster, which ain’t happening. If he’ll go to $500 and the frame isn’t rusty, I’ll probably go for it.  

If I haven’t made a deal by the end of the week, I’m going to renew the plates on the Toadmaster and try selling it again next fall.

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