I have two different kind of sample stuff from two car cleaning companies and I'm trying to figure out what would be the best stuff to clean my Focus ST with. It only has 800 or so miles on it so it's not like it needs anything to fix swirl marks or anything like that. Just stuff to clean it and maybe protect the paint too if possible.

First I have:

From what I can see (it's at home so I'm just going by the image) there's Wheel and Tire Shine, EXTREME Tire Shine (eye roll), New Car something (think it goes in the air vent), Tuff Stuff (interior stuff?), glass cleaner which I really need right now, some cleaning wipes, and something called ultra shine which I'm not sure what it does, and that mist bottle. Not sure what that does either. Microfiber towel will be getting used either way.

And then I have Resist All cleaning products, the kind you get when you get a Resist All when you buy your new car, trade the car in, and your salesman takes it out of your trade (shhhhhh).

That has:

-Interior Surface Cleaner
-Tire Dressing
-Car Wash Concentrate
-Leather and Vinyl Protector/ Renewer
-Paint Protector/ Renewer
-Window Cleaner

Anyone have any idea what will work best? I can do all Armor All or all Resist All (that's a lot of "all") or a combination if you guys think that will work best.

Picture of the car while you ponder: