I might be moving to Germany later this year.

My girlfriend who I’ve been together with for a year now just got offered a PhD position at a university in Bremen without even applying. She is from Germany, and also did her BSc at the same university. We are discussing how it would be for me as a Norwegian with a MSc in Environmental Geology to move to Germany, and so far these are the arguments that come up:

Arguments for:
- We would live together at a lower cost
- She would get the PhD she is dreaming of
- She gets to live in and work Germany close to her family for 3-4 years, and I don’t have to feel bad about us moving back to Norway afterwards.
- I don’t have any job offers yet, and only 24 years old it could be a nice experience.
- Sooo many automotive events nearby

Arguments against:
- I’m not sure how easy it is for me to get a job there, at least until I improve my German.
- I would live approximately 6 hours of travel (car+flight+car) away from my family.
- I’ll have a lower income compared to Norway, and may not get relevant work experience .
- I’ll live in an area with no hills and no winter (I’m Norwegian).

What do you think OPPO? Do you have any more arguments, things to consider and input on what opportunities I have?