Hello everyone, you may have seen me posting around these parts more and more lately. I figured I would write up a short post (eventually) just to shed a bit more light on who I am. I’m 25, American and originally from Wisconsin, I moved around quite a bit so I’ve lived in WI, TN, IA and KS, also traveled around to MN, WA, AL, NC, SC and probably other places, I think. I’ve always loved cars(and gaming, but that’s another story), first only lightweight cars but I grew to enjoy and respect other varieties over time.

After I finished high school somehow I had trouble finding a job in the lovely economy that was available. Eventually after getting tired of living with one of my parents, I decided the best way to get me on my feet and get some real world experience was the US Army. In the process of basic training, my mother decided to sell my car behind my back, fun times!

Anyways, after basic and AIT (15P) I was able to reacquire my car.... with some problems. I had never really wrenched before but the Army had fantastic resources and I was able to make good friends. So, after my mother had sold my 95 Cavalier (5 speed!) behind my back to a man that somehow blew the engine in his NA Mk3 Supra... he proceeded to wreck my clutch, hard. Luckily I was not alone in fixing this. Let me tell you, the Cavalier is obviously not packaged for a manual transmission.

This was a turning point for me, not only for my life with cars but my life as a whole. The Army taught me a lot, gave me a place to live, a steady paycheck and good friends/people to rely on. I also met my wife while in the Army, through mutual online friends. She was there for me through thick and thin. Month long training exercises and the few months (luckily only that) I spent in Afghanistan. I think I’m a much better person with her. The long distance relationship was the easiest hardest thing I’ve done.


Once my four year contract was up, I used the money I had saved and the money I got during discharge to book a ticket to Amsterdam. I took a road trip from Kansas up to Minnesota to see my best friend and fly out from MSP. Of course, on the way my transmission dipstick/plug decided to eject itself and my transmission ended up bone dry. This being the US, the only thing I could find at the truck stop was automatic trans fluid and engine oil. I had to Macgyver a tube up, dump high weight engine oil into my trans and avoid shifting as much as possible, it felt like shifting through honey.


Anyhow, somehow I made it, made my flight and ended up finally living with my wife in The Netherlands. I really like it here, most of all I love finally being able to live with my partner in life. Anyways, that’s a bit about me

Current ride: 1995 Polo Fox 1.3


*TL;DR I am a transformer.