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OppoKeto... I'm officially on the Keto diet because I'm a fat fatty

So I had my annual physical exam after not having one for a few years. And basically my blood pressure is a little high and I’m 25 pounds heavier than I should be.

Basically I’m roughly this size/weight:


And I need to go down to about this size and weight:

And to do that? No carbs for the next few weeks and then see where I’m at when I see the doctor again after the follow up when the blood and other tests come in.

So... no more breakfast cereal, doughnuts, chocolate bars, pasta, potatoes (and other root/tuber vegetables), bread, cake... but I can have all the red meat, chicken, seafood, salad and other vegetables I want.


I can have all the cheese, butter and cream I want as well.

For condiments, I have to be picky... Salsa is okay, but not ketchup. Sour pickles are much better than sweet relish.


No hummus, but baba ghanoush and tzatziki are okay.

No beer, juice or sweet drinks. But dry wine and brandy/whisky/vodka are okay. 

Milk itself isn’t too bad as long as I don’t have much of it... but almond milk is better.


The worst is this weekend, I have a family gathering that will involve celebrating a birthday. And I’m not gonna be able to have any cake.


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