OppoLap Challenge: Top Gear Citroen 2CV

Welcome to the first installment of OppoLap Challenge....where I take a real world lap time and try to recreate it in Forza 7. First up, a lap of the Top Gear test track in a 2CV, as our fearless Harris Monkey did on Extra Gear last week. This will likely not go well...

This is senseless. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS AT HOME?????
Screenshot: Top Gear (My screen)

I’ve been doing this a while on my own, just trying to see how close I can replicate things that I’ve watched on TV or online using Forza. I have a full racing seat setup with Fanatec wheel/pedals/shifter, and as a general rule I prefer to do ‘slow car fast’. I am also not very good at Forza, so many of you should beat my lap times. (More on that later).


Anyway, here’s the first installment.

Harris and Joey raced a 2CV in the latest TG episode (which was great IMO), and then Harris did a test lap in Extra Gear. They didn’t even tell us the time of the lap, but I went ahead and wasted some time recreating it anyway. I got the approximate build from the 2CV racing website, which I’ve shared online in Forza - search ’oppolap’.


Base 2CV (not homologated) with the following upgrades: Street Carb, Sport Ignition, Street Exhaust, Sport Camshaft and Valves, Street Valves, Sport Flywheel, Sport Spring and Dampers, Full Race roll cage, Sport Weight Reduction. You should end up with E187. If not, then I f*cked something up. Harris stated the race car was 45-50 HP, but I ended up with more. Too bad, it’s still slow as f*ck.

PI: E187

Assists: None! Turn on braking lines if you must.

Oh, so I should probably mention the first rule of OppoLap: No Tuning. I hate tuning. There will be occasional upgrades and builds, but no tuning. I don’t, and you can’t either.


**This particular challenge will probably be the biggest pain in the ass, as they are normally stock cars (non-homologated) with rolling laps. But, I’m semi-unemployed now and I had an hour to kill. I also realize this car is in a DLC, so it’s likely that no one even has it. Future OppoLaps will be easier to partake in**


So, download or build the above car, then choose the TG Test Track, standing start, one lap race with one car (or use the Test Drive feature, which is very annoying in Forza 7). Also, don’t forget to wear a neck brace and check the water temperature first.

“There’s no water in this, you asshole!”

I did a 1:48 something but didn’t screenshot it, so the best time right now is a 1:49.114 (again, standing start only).


Good luck....if you even so much as read this entire post and don’t feel like doing the lap, please post a fake time anyway. It will make me feel better!

Coming soon will be more OppoLap challenges, and they will usually be much easier to do.

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