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Oppolitical Gas Tax Rant

Our idiot Governor wants to impose the largest gas tax increase in history on California, and jack up our license fees.


I am against this because I think such a tax is regressive and unfairly impacts poor Californians, particularly in rural areas where they must travel long distances to work. Such people are already paying the second highest prices in the nation (only Hawaii is higher).


Like it or not, other than San Francisco, our state is entirely dependent on cars, and when you jack up licensing fees for cars and jack up gas prices you punish low income people the worst. In places like LA, the lack of affordable housing has pushed people farther away, and traffic eats their gas. People who are well off can absorb an increase in license fees and gas costs; low income people cannot.

California is feeding a massive government bureaucracy, and increases like this do little to benefit the people. We pay high income, sales, and gas taxes, and we drive on crumbling roads and have collapsing dams. Increasing taxes is not the answer until we figure out how to more effectively spend what we already pay.


Rant over.

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