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OPPOlitics: Part Deux

If you read the first OPPOlitics article I put up, then it was obvious that I have a certain dislike for the individuals running for the soon to be vacant job at the White House.

OPPOlitics: America 2016 or 1816?

Individuals Like Rubio, Cruz, Trump and even Clinton, although I will openly admit to liking the Dems better, are all easy targets for ire from someone like me.


The truth is however, the real problem that has emerged is the ‘fully on display’ hatred shown by ‘way more Americans than I thought’ towards minority communities and immigrants.

Lady Liberty in trying, but better days.

This is a photo from around 1900 and it shows immigrants entering the harbors of NYC, seeing the Statue of Liberty and knowing they have reached the promised land: what a feeling that must have been!


These people most definitely were met with hostility, resentment and hatred that always seems to accompany the migration of any group to another area of the world.

America by no means is alone in it’s anti-immigrant stance. Take a close look at some of the EU countries and their current practices. It should disgust just about everyone how certain countries, I’m looking at you Hungary, are treating the current migration of Syrian refugees.


The geopolitical considerations of the day, in the day, are the determining factors that make all of this so hard. Syrians, middle easterners, people of brown or non white skin, and openly non christian faiths are today suffering the worst.

Add to that, Mexican or Spanish descendant peoples, Chinese or any Asian peoples mistaken as Chinese, and any host of other non white christian peoples today in America. I’m not sure it’s the place for you or the once only true place for freedom and security like it once was.


There once was a time when my ancestors, the Irish were unwelcome. We are the whitest people on Earth, next to the Scots! Again the days geopolitical concerns are what determine who you hate and want to keep out.


The symbol of America to all new peoples: those who make it to the shore and those who just dream or have dreamt. Along with the nice big statue that France gave as a gift are those words by Emma Lazarus.

All of us know that phrase: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be breathe free,”

America has such a wealth of history and you can be so proud of it. Yet there are some nasty parts and they still live on today. America as a whole, all of you, need to come to terms with the race question in general.


Much of what I’m hearing out of the campaign for the Presidency of the United States is so disappointing and so disheartening. America is much better than any of this and all of you need to stand up and do something about it.

I understand why the candidates say what they do, they have a vested interest in doing so. They only say what they do however if it falls on receptive ears and willing votes.


America is at it’s best when both parties are strong and fighting for what they want and believe in. I’m fairly clear on what one side wants and believes in but the other? What is a Republican now? What do you stand for? What do you want? How far are you willing to go?

I really do not get just what a conservative is anymore. I’m not sure what you want. There are the old stand buys like smaller gov and reduced taxes but after that, it’s a complete and udder cluster fuck.


I like America very much, I love Americans even more. They have always proved to me to be a very good and welcoming people to be around. I expect more out of America and Americans than just about anyone else on Earth.


These people, from once you came: the immigrants, the ones who built America one brick at a time and in the face of petty old world prejudices and hatred: these are the ones to be proud of and the lesson for today’s American.

Once described as “The Great Unwashed” by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in his novel Paul Clifford in 1830, these are your ‘tired, poor huddled masses’ that built your country.


The lessons of yesterday are seemingly being ignored and a once proud nation is falling into bad old habits.

And why, you may be asking did I write this Part Deux? Well it was this, my fellow Jalops and OPPOnaughts:

Trump and Nascar In Bed Again

I expect a slice of any population to be racist or anti-immigrant or just plain nasty towards other humans period. What has me alarmed is the seemingly larger number of Americans that fall into that category.


I do not believe there are that many but time will tell. The real killer will be apathy. Those who choose to do or say nothing in defense of what America stands for.

Apathy is what kills and enables bad men to rule the roost.

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