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Oppolitics Town Hall Edition

Side exhaust!

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mmmm split window.

I’m attending a town hall meeting for Turd Sandwich Darrell Issa. I’m deciding on on a question to ask should I be so lucky to ask one between the softballs. I have three concepts; wording is not exact. I’m open to new suggestions.

Healthcare - The CBO report on the ACHA projects coverage to decrease by 23 million over the next 10 years, greater than the entire population of Florida. It also included an example of the possibility of a 64 year old having insurance premiums increase by over 750% (Age is important because the town hall is being held in a very old area). How can you support a plan that decreases the number of people covered and increases costs for older patients?

Trump - Since Trump’s election, in house votes you have aligned with Trump’s position 30 of 30 times yet your district favored Hilary Clinton in the election by a margin of 7.5%. Why do you align so closely with Trump despite his unpopularity among your constituents?

Internet Privacy - You signed the Declaration of Internet Freedom supporting internet privacy yet voted to allow ISPs to sell customer’s browsing data without their consent. How much will it cost me to buy the browsing history of you and your family?


I think the Trump angle is too vague but an option. It’s a long shot that I can even ask a question but I want to be prepared.

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