The final debate is tonight. One last chance for the candidates to close the deal. There will be final statements, and you are the speechwriter. Make your case.

Trump: I know many of you remain on the fence. You heard the dispariging comments I’ve said, you may not have heard my apologies. I stand before you today seeking your vote, not because I need the Office, but because I know I can help put this country on the right track. This has been a an unprecidented year for the anti-establishment movement in this country. Your choice for President could not stand in further contrast. I am the outsider, she is the epitome, the definition of Establishment. I fully understand the perception of risk that comes from the unknown of a Trump presidency; however, the counter is that with Clinton you already know exactly what you are getting. As first lady, she rented the Lincoln bedroom. As Senator, she sold her vote to the highest wall street bidder. As Secretary of state, she sold access and contracts’ to anyone willing to give millions to her family. Now is the time to tell Hillary that the Office of President is not for sale.

Clinton: What the fuck, America. Are you for real? This fucking guy?

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