Oppos- I’ve been lucky to own a lot of cool cars (ok, and worked my ass off). However I’m doing some Thoreau-like simplifying and I’d like to get down to a max of 4 vehicles. Plus I live in downtown SF and parking especially for the Lincoln is getting complicated.

In the next 6 months I will sell the Lincoln and the Z3M, and the i8 and M6 will come up for replacement not to long after that. I’m keeping the E9 since it’s my baby, as well as the LX450 which costs peanuts to own, and the bike.


What would Opponauts buy?

The idea is to have 1 car that is an awesome super-sedan or super-wagon (I would consider a super-SUV if it looked cool, which I realize is some undermined subjective rating but think LM002 but more reliable) the I can use to run back and forth from SF to LA in comfort, and also loan out to friends when they are in town. This would be leased for 2-3 years if new or purchased CPO if not new. Needs to have a warranty (Carmax ok). Probably not more than 4-5 years old.


Current contenders: Alpina B6 (but that’s pretty similar to what I have), E63 sedan or wagon (too boring too look at? but very capable), Alfa Giulia sedan or (here’s hoping!) wagon, go back in time and get a CTS-V wagon, new Panamera in wagon form.

Then have another “fun” car. But just one at a time, and keep them for 18-24 months. I am pretty wide open on this one.


Current contenders: Morgan 3-wheeler (preferably painted like a fighter plane), Maser Alfieri if it ever comes out and doesn’t suck, M2, F355, AMG GT-S, last of the 911 Turbo 6-speeds (not a 911 guy but it would be cool to have one before they get too old).

Total budget is probably around $200k for both but I am flexible.

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